Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Michael L Love is a 50 year old guy from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

biochemist, musician, protein crystallographer, system administrator, X-ray lab manager, operator, life-long bicycle commuter From the website: Geek Technology, Structural Biology, Music, Medieval and Neoplatonic Literature, I am Noah, REPENT! website: .html Interests Always expanding. Of late in addition to the above, I like kitchen chemistry and wizardry, listening to music, but also making music, wireless tech. I am a life-long consumer of vitamin supplements. I take resveratrol.

This came in from my Google agent. It is quite a nice summary, although I wish it said "free software" in addition to or instead of "open source". Unfortunately, it appears that "open source" is winning the tag wars. I have been promoting the term FOSS, free and open source software, as inclusive to build a broad coalition. I also like FLOSS, free, libre, and open source software, to include some non-english speakers, but also to emphasize that we are not speaking necessarily about "free as in beer", but rather "free as in freedom". That is the most important point. It is the freedom that matters most, and freedom is the main reason we make open source. Free software rules!

So follow the links. If you join StumbleUpon, you can give the sites a "thumbs up" if you like them, or heaven forbid, a "thumbs down", if you don't like them. is last in the list on page 2 ;-}.


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