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  • GNU-Darwin Itanium project

    Please welcome Roberto Dohnert (SourceForge:kane121975) as a
    GNU-Darwin developer. I'm informed that Roberto did some coding in the
    [1]Xserver space for the [2]Itanium port of Darwin-1.4. Roberto is a
    [3]letter-writing activist and [4]advocate, so he will fit in well

    I'm still waiting for the Darwin-Itanium creator and lead developer,
    Nathaniel Creed, to send me his SourceForge user name. Itanium
    networking coder, Amolina should also feel free to send me a
    SourceForge user name, and I will add him to the project too. Please
    pass this information along as you like, especially to the respective
    developers. Don't worry if email is a problem. They are all entitled
    to free [5]GNU-Darwin network services accounts, etc, so let's get
    this deal done.

    As soon as we are able to create Itanium isos, we will release the
    code for developers on hard media from the [6]GNU-Darwin Ordering web
    page. All proceeds will go directly back to Itanium development.
    Darwin-Itanium installers to follow. Cheers!

    Finally, if you know of anyone else with bootable Darwin code on novel
    platforms, be sure to point them in our direction. Although we must
    evaluate each platform individually according to our free software
    strategy, they are likely to be received in kind.




    2002-11-02 01:10:40 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin sources on CD

    Our initial announcement of GNU-Darwin discs was quite successful, and
    we are ready for more orders. I'm making the source CD available
    tonight, which includes Darwin-6.0.1 and GNU-Darwin sources, plus a
    ports-darwin tarball.

    It looks like we can do shipping within a business day via Priority
    Mail, but this may change somewhat if the demand picks up.


    2002-10-30 20:11:59 GMT by proclus

  • Ordering GNU-Darwin

    [1]The GNU-Darwin Distribution is now [2]taking orders for a CD
    software distribution on our website, in addition to our existing
    [3]web service offerings. As you might already know, [4]Darwin is not
    recognised as free software by the [5]GNU Project. In order to avoid
    misinterpretation in the name association GNU-Darwin, the following
    caveat will accompany the disks, like the tobacco warning message.

    GNU Project considers Darwin non-free software and therefore does not
    recommend the use of this operating system. (see

    As we are expecting to sell thousands of these disks, the
    dissemination of this message is likely to be widespread. Thus, it may
    be worthwhile at this time for the [7]Darwin commmunity to bring the
    [8]APSL in line with the [9]free software expectations of, and
    to shun hurtful [10]DMCA-based legal actions, so that such caveats
    will be unnecessary in the future.

    GNU-Darwin aims to be a free Darwin distribution, but this goal is
    hindered by certain onerous provisions of the APSL, which in turn
    forces the inclusion of this caveat. [11]Many thousand free software
    applications have been ported to Darwin, and [12]much productive work
    has been done, but if no one learns the [13]values which bring that
    software to them, then it is a wasted effort indeed. We hope that the
    Darwin community can find the will to have a [14]free APSL, which
    truly adheres to the free software definition.

    [15]The GNU-Darwin Distribution
    Core Team



    2002-10-26 02:41:59 GMT by proclus

  • Not in our name!

    GNU-Darwin opposes war for oil

    We had a great visit in Phoenix, and we are safe back home. One of the

    great things about a visit like this is that you get a snapshot of how

    loved ones feel about things in general at the time. In that spirit I

    offer the following.

    Not in our name!

    Please consider active opposition to war with Iraq. Congress is poised

    to pass an expansion of presidential power to wage war, which is

    contrary to constitutional principles. In a preemptive attack on Iraq,

    Americans would be invaders, and the US would be an aggressor nation.

    Despite what you are hearing from the media about polls, the

    congressional switchboard is jammed with calls in opposition to the

    war. Our citizens don't want this war, but congress is ready to hand

    this power to the president-select in opposition to the Constitution

    and the will of the people. Please do whatever you can to stop this

    madness now. Time is short!

    Contact your congresional delegation.


    Common Cause has done a wonderful job with spear-heading the phone

    campaign. If we had the money, we would contribute.




    2002-10-10 02:52:39 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: Stability, CDRs, freedom

    I recently returned from a long road trip, during which I left the GNU-Darwin server unattended for two weeks. I occasionally checked my email with the webmail service, and even answered some questions for a new subscriber. Upon my return, everything was as I left it, and there were no complaints from our subscribers. GNU-Darwin has proven its stability as a free-software-based e-commerce server.

    It is exciting to announce that we will soon be offering GNU-Darwin CDRs for sale from the website. If you would like to check out the art, we have thumbnails on the GNU-Darwin main page. Please feel free to send your comments along.

    In addition, we will soon be offering free web services for district-level cyber-liberties groups, such as New York Fair Use (upstate). It is crucial that the enemies of information freedom feel our influence IRL and in the voting booth. If you would like us to host a webpage for a group in your area, please let us know.


    2002-10-09 03:24:32 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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