Thursday, April 1, 2010 GNU-Darwin Distribution: News

Project News for GNU-Darwin Distribution

  • GNU-Darwin: Dynamic library support

    This should not affect package users, but if you are a project maintainer, then this will tell you how to build dynamic with the ports system.



    2002-04-25 02:05:58 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin and TDC merge

    In preparation for WWDC 2002, the Apple Design Awards, and the upcoming Beta 2 release,

    TDC-current has been merged with GNU-Darwin on-line. This includes all of the packages from

    TDC Issue 1, plus updates. Notable examples include openldap, cyrus-sasl, and a full ruby

    implementation. (pkg_add -r ruby)

    For GNU-Darwin-ppc users, this means that there are 1500 additional packages in our

    auto-remote directory, with about 300 more unique titles. Together these two collections will

    improve auto-dependency checking considerably. Notably, the additional packages were built

    using Mac OS X on the the TDC porting machine, instead of GNU-Darwin-only packaging robots.

    Based on current trends, we will have 3000 unique titles on-line in the very near future.

    If you would like to see a much improved TDC Issue 2 in DVD release, please go purchase TDC 1.

    If you appreciate what GNU-Darwin is doing, please contribute. Many thanks to those who have

    already done this. Such champions understand what is required to sustain free software


    Free software rules!


    Michael L. Love


    Cornell Univesity

    2002-04-18 04:21:48 GMT by proclus

  • New website and FAQ files

    Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the new website and info, notably GNU-Darwin developers rrp and Chris Turkel.

    Check it out, make it work, etc. If you have a suggestion, you might post it to one of our email forums.



    2002-04-15 00:28:12 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin on AMD processors

    preview release.

    2002-03-13 02:37:19 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin-ppc tops 2100 packages

    We are currently bootstrapping the ports tree for Darwin-ppc and Mac OS X users, so that we now have over 2100 unique packages online, with over 2400 total. More to come! Check it out.



    2002-02-12 19:15:16 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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