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Project News for GNU-Darwin Distribution

  • GNU-Darwin: AbiWord Super Fonts!

    Only GNU-Darwin AbiWord has 200 excellent royalty-free fonts from the
    [8]ports. This release includes hebrew fonts and bidirectional
    support for carefree native language editing. GNU-Darwin AbiWord
    is simply the best word processor available for the Apple
    platform. GNU-Darwin AbiWord developer, Francis James Franklin,
    has also been hard at work on this great word processor. Be sure
    to [9]check out his latest work too. Get the [10]latest AbiWord
    release now. Read the package installation instructions [11]here.


    2001-09-30 02:48:06 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: SSH security update

    In response to various [8]security alerts, GNU-Darwin is providing
    [9]OpenSSH-2.9.9 for Darwin and OSX users. Use "ssh -V" to check
    your current version. Read the [10]package installation


    2001-09-28 04:55:02 GMT by proclus

  • FreeBSD Ports for GNU/Linux $HOME

    We have a special ports tarball for GNU/Linux users, which does not require root access. It is not fully automated yet, but you can untar it in your home directory and try it.

    Set up a subtree in ~/usr by adding the following varibles in your ~/.bashrc.

    alias make="make -I ~/usr/ports/Mk"
    export PATH

    Also, edit ~/usr/ports/Mk/* and change the occurances of /home/love to your home directory path.

    "cd ~/usr/ports" and select the software that you want to try. Change to that directory and type "make install". Cross your fingers ;-}.

    If you run into problems, consult the GNU-Darwin ports directions and adapt them to the new situation.


    BTW, Here is an example that worked OK for me.

    tar -zxf ports-user-linux.tar.gz
    alias make="make -I ~/usr/ports/Mk"
    export PATH
    cd ~/usr/ports/
    cd deskutils/cal/
    cd work/cal-3.5/source/
    cd ../../../
    make install

    When I tried "make install", I got an error because I wasn't root. I fixed the problem like this.

    chmod 755 /home/love/usr/local/bin/cal

    2001-09-20 19:59:08 GMT by proclus

  • Day of Infamy

    The developers of The GNU-Darwin Distribution wish
    to express our concern and
    condolences to those who have suffered loss as a result of
    this barbaric act of vile terrorism, but also
    to express our outrage at the perpetrators of this despicable act.

    2001-09-12 23:26:48 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: Secure your email messages

    * GNUPG encryption

    Encryption suite, GNUPG, is now in CVS. GNUPG is the GPL version of
    the famous personal encryption software PGP. Be sure to check out
    MacGPG. Of course, packages are also available.

    Tip: Use PGPGPG to sign your email messages in Postilion. Just make a
    link, "ln -s /usr/local/bin/pgpgpg /usr/local/bin/pgp", and set the
    PGP options in the Postilion preferences.

    2001-09-12 18:52:24 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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