Monday, July 26, 2010

This is the week to end the war in Afghanistan. Call your member of Congress today to help make it happen.

This looks like a great action.  It is time to end the war.  Please consider this action, or do what ever you can do to make that happen.



Dear Michael L.,

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What could we do if the Pentagon stopped wasting money on wars and warplanes like the C-17? A lot.


This is the week to end the war in Afghanistan.

Washington has been thrown for a loop by publication of nearly 92,000 classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan. The files show a ground-level view of the war that is far bleaker than the official portrayal: The documents show that our soldiers are demoralized, that our so-called "Allies" are actually working against us, and that the insurgents we are fighting are better armed and more dangerous than we have been told.1

Together with the staggering $1 trillion dollars we've already spent, and the unconscionable 1,000+ soldiers who have already been killed in this pointless conflict, these secret files prove what TrueMajority members have said all along: it's time to end the war and come home.2

Fortunately, there's a vote in Congress this week that could make it happen: The house is about to vote on another 'emergency' funding bill for the war.3 If enough of us tell Congress to VOTE NO, we'll choke off the funding for the war and force the generals and war-mongers to end the conflict. 

Can you make a free call right now to end the war?

So far, ending the war has been difficult. Our previous attempts to make Congress end the conflict or set a time-line to bring home the troops have failed. 4

But this time is different. For one thing, we've built a huge list of Representatives who support ending the war thanks to those efforts.
4 And, just as important, the release of these formerly classified documents is raising questions from some members of Congress who used to support the war.5

Now that they know the truth, Congress is running out of reasons to keep supporting the war. But it will still take a big push from us to make it happen.

A phone call is the best way to help it only takes a second and it's way more personal and powerful than an email. Take a second right now to call Congress and tell them to VOTE NO on the supplemental war funding bill.

For peace,


Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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