Monday, July 5, 2010

: #Israel continues #Gaza blockade

The blockade continues, and only the terms have been slightly modified. In fact, Israel has engaged in showmanship and subterfuge in order to court international opinion while continuing with their offensive blockade. They have done nothing substantive to improve conditions for the people of Gaza, who are at their mercy. This new regimen will do nothing to reduce acrimony and hostility towards Israel, and more flotillas are likely on the way as well: More flotillas to relieve the suffering of the Gazan people, and rightly so.

Only a modicum of sympathy is required in order to discern these facts. Israel destroyed the homes of the Gazans, but Israel is also gravely impeding the reconstruction of these homes, and we also hear of more demolitions. Any person with a family to provide for can understand the outrage that the Gazans must feel. It is a simple and unacceptable outrage that Israel is engaged in. We cannot let it stand.


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