Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama Offshore Drilling Moratorium: Administration Issues New Rule

Let's discuss the courts. It is a disgrace that judges with financial interests in the corporations involved did not recuse themselves from the case. It appears to me that they are trying very hard to prove the adage that they are in the pockets of the monied interests. I think it is a perception they they should be particularly scrupulous about avoiding this time. This is a whole new ballgame, as it were, a game changer. If the courts do not deal correctly with this problem, then the people will deal with it themselves. This fact is already evident in the boycott, which continues in spite of the bad press and opposition it has received. It will continue going forward, and more means will be devised as well. I recommend that the courts get on the right side of this issue.


About Gulf Oil Spill
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