Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is #BP bullying Americans? #BP Oil Spill #boycottbp #oilspill #press #speech

This is really meant as a rhetorical question, because it is such an obvious fact.  When people like Tony Hayward fall on their swords, they will likely be replaced by ruthless thugs who will make the situation even much worse. 

How about free speech and press issues?
How about access to a public beach?
How about access to uncontaminated seafood?

Rest assured that there are Americans that you or I know personally who could make this list very long, and it is bound to get longer before all this is done.  BP and their elite associates need to learn this lesson.  They need to get to work on the damned spill, and quit trying to fool everyone with their pricey PR schemes and folksy commercials.  They may have the courts on their side, but it will take more than that to solve this problem.  No more lies!  Solve the real problem BP!


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