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Project News for GNU-Darwin Distribution

  • GNU-Darwin: third yearly report

    The current annual report for The GNU-Darwin Distribution
    is now available at Cheers!

    The pipes are full ;-}.


    2003-11-03 22:18:18 GMT by proclus

  • GNU listing, FSF bounty program

    We have new links at GNU Project, and they have provided a bounty program to help us keep non-free software out of our Distribution.

    Some of you may not realize that this has actually been a major hurdle and a long term goal of the Distro. RMS requires that everything be in perfect GPL compliance and in sync with other FSF policies before links can be posted to GNU Project. There haven't been any production-level OS distros listed at GNU for quite a long time. Many have tried and failed, but we made it in spite of the obstacles that we faced. Our website has improved considerably in response to the excellent comments that we received from them. Even more changes may be expected in the future in order to maintain our status as the most free Darwin distro.

    It appears that GNU-Darwin is the only installable *nix OS distro that is linked from GNU Project at this time. Hopefully this initiative will provide an example so that we can be joined by many others. As part of the preparation for this initiative, our GPL-compliance and free software status is now quite robust. On the internet side of the Distro, this means that a source code iso image is now available together with our OS installer iso.

    The PowerPC version of the OS is on hold until we can develop a version that works without the proprietary drivers. We are now bundling source code discs with all of our hard media offerings, which includes over 7 gigabytes of distfiles for those who order our popular Package DVD-R's. To our knowledge, we have purged every non-free bit. This is all brand new, and a very good deal, IMHO, since we have not increased any of the prices.

    It always feels great to do the right thing. As always, many thanks to GNU Project for assisting us in this excellent initiative!


    2003-10-15 23:31:45 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin 1.1 ppc packages

    Packages for GNU-Darwin 1.1 are now available :

    including :

    Many up-to-date libraries and utilities
    Food for your CUPS
    Developement tools
    Gimp-1.2.5 ...

    Use the included g-d-package-install-2a.11
    and make sure there is no /usr/local/lib/libgcc.dylib around anymore if you plan to build anything.

    You can get everything in all.tar :
    tar xf all.tar
    pkg_add -f *.tgz

    Everything (almost) is also in cvs

    Use and enjoy ! (beta : and report bugs)

    2003-10-09 06:31:35 GMT by yvesde

  • new GNU-Darwin iso available

    Work on Darwin free version is progressing, and we have a new iso available for x86, which installs free software only. In other words, this disc will not install any of the proprietary binaries that have historically been included with Darwin.

    You can also order a hard copy.

    Although we have encountered no problems with it, and functionality is not impaired, this should be considered as beta for the present. Anyone who can give this disc a try would be appreciated. You will have all the advantages of using a genuinely free OS, and at the same time help to accelerate our development towards total software freedom for the Distribution and for our users. Thanks!


    2003-09-07 21:35:29 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: Darwin Free!

    [1]Apple has released version 2.0 of the [2]Apple public source
    license (APSL), and [3]GNU Project has [4]officially recognized it as
    a free software license. This is great news for Darwin-based free
    software projects like [5]The GNU-Darwin Distribution and [6]Fink.
    GNU-Darwin has had an [7]ongoing discussion about this development,
    and annouced and end to our "[8]Free Darwin Campaign", so long as
    Apple avoids DMCA-based legal action.




    2003-08-06 17:23:34 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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