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  • The stupidest war

    US aggression against so-called terrorists has led predictably to bad results, and we should take all necessary action to stop the war now: It is a stupid, stupid war


    2006-01-31 20:01:12 GMT by proclus

  • Say No to New PATRIOT Spying Powers!

    Dear EFF supporter,

    It's not often that we send out a special action alert,
    but in this case, time is of the essence. This Thursday,
    May 26, your senator will consider a bill that puts our
    most basic civil liberties in grave danger. Read below
    to learn more and take action today - your voice matters!

    : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :

    * Action Alert: Say No to New PATRIOT Spying Powers!

    The Senate Intelligence Committee is about to consider,
    behind closed doors, a bill that would not only renew
    the USA PATRIOT Act's most dangerous provisions, but
    would also expand the government's power to secretly
    demand the private records of people who aren't
    suspected of any crime - without a judge's approval.

    The Justice Department already has dangerously broad
    subpoena powers under the USA PATRIOT Act. PATRIOT
    Section 215 allows intelligence investigators to demand
    all kinds of private records about citizens who
    aren't suspected of spying or terrorism. PATRIOT
    Section 505, meanwhile, expanded the government's
    ability to use "National Security Letters" to secretly
    obtain data on private online and financial
    activities without court oversight or probable cause.

    The new bill not only makes these highly controversial
    provisions permanent, it marries the worst aspects of
    the two, allowing new "administrative subpoenas" in
    national security cases that would let the government
    secretly demand all types of records without a
    judge's permission.

    The Justice Department tried to get this super-charged
    subpoena power inserted into PATRIOT back in 2001.
    But even in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Congress
    refused to allow this kind of unchecked surveillance

    The closed-door mark-up session for this bill will take
    place this Thursday, May 26. The time to act is now.

    Make your voice heard!

    2005-05-24 23:15:46 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin rides the Tiger

    This message is just to let you know that our Office-1.1 discs are Tiger
    tested, Tiger compatible. In fact, nearly all of our many thousands of
    free software titles have remained compatible with each Mac OS X revision
    since the 10.0 beta release. GNU-Darwin packages are binary executable,
    and no tedious compilation is required. Install them, and they just
    work, so that you can get underway fast with free software.

    It is no surprise that our packages don't break, because they are built
    on the same great Unix foundation as Apple's operating system. It is a
    foundation of profound intelligence, of freedom and openness.

    GNU-Darwin has been engaging the Apple community with free software values
    since the beginning of OS X, and you can rely on us to continue with that.
    Now that Tiger has arrived, it is definitely time to give our software a try.
    Get Office-1.1 discs from our web store, and bring the real power to your

    In celebration of this event, we have experimentally put the package directories back on line, so that things like One Step and 'pkg_add -r' should be working again. This is experimental because we might have to withdraw them again if our webserver bandwidth gets too hammered. Meanwhile enjoy!


    2005-05-01 02:04:12 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin-x86 Office-1.1

    We have a new office release for x86. Here is some info
    about it.

    Announcing a great new office suite for Intel and AMD based computers! Our legendary POLARIS sub-project is still under development, but these packages are available from the project today. This disc includes many of the great free software titles thare are available in the PowerPC version, such as XFree86, Firefox, AbiWord, Gimp, Xpdf, and Dillo. This is a great way to enhance an existing Darwin-based OS. GNU-Darwin distributes free sofware only, so that you can share this disc with your friends as much as you want, and be sure to share the source code too. If you haven't tried GNU-Darwin yet, then this disc is a great way to get started with it. Check it out!


    2005-03-20 20:15:26 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin Office-1.1

    Announcing a great new office suite for PowerPC computers! Based on
    the popular package set from Yves de Champlain, this disc includes
    current versions of many excellent free software titles, such as
    OpenOffice, Firefox, GNUstep, GNOME, AbiWord, Gimp, and Dillo. This
    is a great way for Mac OS X users to get started with GNU-Darwin
    software, but the source code is also included so that you can study
    it as deeply as you wish. GNU-Darwin distributes free sofware only,
    so that you can share this disc with your friends as much as you
    want, and be sure to share the source code too. If you haven't
    tried GNU-Darwin yet, then now is definitely a great time.
    Check it out!


    2005-03-07 02:07:24 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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