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Project News for GNU-Darwin Distribution

  • GNU-Darwin shell accounts

    GNU-Darwin shell accounts Shell accounts have been enabled for all
    GNU-Darwin internet service users. The shell-only server includes a
    full GNU-Darwin Office-x86 installation, Darwin-6.0.2, compilers, and
    fetchmail access to your mail account. SMTP-on-LAN has also been
    provided. The shell server should be very secure with firewalled,
    ssh-only access, and this resource will hopefully accellerate
    development on the Darwin platform including x86. Here are the links.


    Shell accounts should be considered beta and experimental for the
    present, due to their long and dubious history on the internet. Of
    course, we will not tolerate any cracking or spamming activities,
    which will certainly get your shell account deactivated. Having said
    that, I think that this will be beneficial to many users who may not
    have access to a Darwin-x86 machine. It will also be a great
    demonstration and resource for the Distro and the larger community,
    and a good way to get to know some of you better too. Cheers!

    GNU-Darwin internet services, now include shell access, total SSL
    encryption, SMTP-on-LAN, web hosting, web mail, IMAP, web hosting,
    virtual domains and flexible subdomains as well. This seems like a
    killer deal to me for $15 bucks a year with 1 month free trial. It is
    like a ".Mac for Nerds", but it is also a great example of the
    compelling work that can now be done with GNU-Darwin. Tell your
    friends about it.




    2003-04-10 01:01:04 GMT by proclus

  • Blackout

    In the event that war breaks out with Iraq, GNU-Darwin will observe
    the anti-war moratorium by replacing our home page with the following
    message; Stop the war now!

    If you see this message, then I advise you to stop what you are
    doing and join the demonstrators in the street.

    If you have any suggestions on how to respond to the madness of Mr.
    Bush and his administration, please feel free to pass them along.
    Forward this message along as you like, and accept my apologies, if you
    receive more than one copy.


    2003-03-12 23:55:29 GMT by proclus

  • New installer for MacOSX 10.2 / Darwin 6

    A new interactive installer for the GNU-Darwin distribution is available.

    It includes many features such as:
    darwin-version aware
    download resuming
    well tested packages

    Run as root:
    curl -o one_stop
    sh one_stop


    2003-02-06 19:54:52 GMT by yvesde

  • GNU-Darwin 1.0!

    I've put the project in stable production status, and updated some key
    web pages.

    Our core asset, the packages and software distribution system is now
    usable by anyone who is willing to learn the Unix command line, and we
    encourage everyone to do so. This system together with GNU-Darwin OS
    itself is an impactful force in the industry, and our project is
    popular, influential, and widely watched. It is clear that as a major
    distribution we will continue build and grow our many sub-projects, such
    as internet services, the ports, x86 hardware support, and our CDRs and
    other hard media offerings. Once again, many thanks to Cornell
    University, the worldwide free software development collective, Darwin
    contributors, SourceForge, Prime Time Freeware, the *BSD trinity,
    Apple, and everyone else who helped us to get to this point. In this
    rich context we have become 1.0, but we are just getting started, and it
    is going to be a wild ride and a compelling journey. Join us now.


    Visit proclus realm!
    Version: 3.1
    GMU/S d+@ s: a+ C++++ UBOULI++++$ P+ L+++(++++) E--- W++ N- !o K- w--- !O
    M++@ V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP-- t+++(+) 5+++ X+ R tv-(--)@ b !DI D- G e++++
    h--- r+++ y++++
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

    2003-01-11 19:49:14 GMT by proclus

  • FREE Darwin!

    I'm getting ready to draft the yearly report, which is only a little
    late ;-}. The Distribution has grown and progressed significantly, and
    undergone many positive changes, thanks to the efforts talented
    developers all over the world. Unfortunately, there are a couple of
    things that haven't changed, and it is necessary for us to step up our
    stridency and activism IMHO. I'm posting these concerns here first,
    before the report gets written.

    First, Apple continues the wall-of-silence with respect to their
    repugnant DMCA-based legal action, and there is no reason whatsoever
    for us to think that they will not undertake similar action in the
    future. It is regrettable that the DMCA was Apple-sponsored
    legislation, and it is now time for them to disavow it and promise never
    to employ it.

    Second, APSL is languishing, and it is unacceptable to the free
    software community. It is now time for an APSL revision, which brings
    the license in line with the free software definition in accordance
    with the expectations of GNU Project.

    In response to the inaction on these crucial items, we are taking two

    First, we are making explicit and binding the following policy.
    GNU-Darwin will not support or distribute any software which links to
    proprietary libraries, and that includes Cocoa, Carbon, CoreAudio, etc.
    There will be no native package manager from GNU-Darwin (pkg_add

    Second, we will be moving our operations to x86, and we are putting the
    ppc collection into maintenance mode.

    As always, please feel free to contact me about these issues as well as
    any other concern.


    2002-12-18 19:07:11 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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