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  • Re: GNU-Darwin: website, Opteron machine accounts

    (To get an account on the Opteron machine, send me a proposal.)

    I love your interesting work on the web, but in my opinion, we should
    focus on the broken things at this time; the driver and kernel
    situation, and packaging for those new Apple users, who will be getting
    their first crack at free software at this time. It is OK to use
    Darwin-8 in order to get software freedom into their _heads_, which
    means building packages, among other things. The Darwin-x86 platform
    is now causing tremendous excitement among our geeky fellows, but they
    should be directed away from proprietary to free software if possible.

    Getting the ppc OS into distribuable form is also a top priority, which
    for GNU-Darwin means stripping out any proprietary drivers. It is now
    doable, based on my current understanding. I am trying to take this on
    myself, but I am also horrendously busy with other things, so feel
    free. You can have an account on the Opteron machine, if you think it
    will speed the work along. You can build fat, but we still have the
    networking issue there (use IP numbers ;-).

    All suggestions regarding how to move the Distro forward in the current
    exigency are definitely welcome. Please write back.


    Visit proclus realm!
    Version: 3.1
    GMU/S d+@ s: a+ C++++ UBULI++++$ P+ L+++(++++) E--- W++ N- !o K- w--- !O
    M++@ V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP-- t+++(+) 5+++ X+ R tv-(--)@ b !DI D- G e++++
    h--- r+++ y++++
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

    2006-06-20 17:34:27 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: AMD Opteron support now

    Mac OS X users are welcome to give free software a try now. I finally got a chance to try GNU-Darwin-1.1 on an Opteron machine
    with Darwin-7.2. Testing with glxgears confirms that the MesaGL is
    performing about twice as fast as on a comparable 32-bit CPU, although
    some other tasks are clearly not yet optimized. The machines are
    otherwise roughly identical. Here is a screenshot.

    If anyone can think of other interesting benchmarks, be sure and let me
    know while I have access to this Opteron machine. BTW, Pymol rocks on
    the thing.


    2006-05-26 21:50:32 GMT by proclus

  • U.S. Government Intervenes in EFF vs. AT&T

    I find this to be a grave violation of our constitutional liberties. Let's do something about it.


    2006-05-15 20:46:53 GMT by proclus

  • Darwin kernel now proprietary?

    Thank you Yves for bringing Rob's article the attention of our
    list. This is clearly an important broadcast point.

    > Apple has chosen to not release source to key components of the OS, such as the kernel and all drivers.

    Apparently then, Apple has taken the kernel and drivers proprietary,
    which would make a mockery of the idea of a free and open source OS.
    Contrarily, Darwin is already free, and we have the source code and
    drivers to make it run on both platforms, including the kernel. It is
    irrevocable. In addition, we have many thousands of software packages
    which are compatible with it, and (incidentally) they should be
    compatible with Mac OS X x86 as well ;-}.

    In fact we welcome Mac OS X x86 users to try our free software packages,
    so that they can learn about this excellent way of computing. We
    literally have a mountain of Darwin stuff.

    Come to our web site and buy them. Download the packages from our
    website. Use them instead of Apple products, then maybe Apple will
    reconsider and free the source code again.


    2006-02-25 19:33:09 GMT by proclus

  • Bootstrapping your body with calorie restriction

    Polaris is a one-two punch. Here is the second punch!


    On 30 Jan, To: wrote:
    > Sorry if this is two copies, a small problem ;-}.
    > Hi, I am working on a follow-up to my anti-war rational paper from three
    > years ago, the start of the war. I'm hoping to take it public in a big
    > campaign at the March anniversary, but maybe we will break it before
    > then ;-}. It is still a little in the rough, so if you have suggestions,
    > I would welcome them plenty.
    > Regards,
    > proclus

    2006-02-09 02:20:30 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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