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  • Stakeholders-7/17 revisited

    And now for your entertainment and amusement, a little GNU-Darwin
    history, which seems quite germane at this time. In addition to this
    below, I also recommend our anti-war materials.

    I hope that this material will be helpful to people who are looking for
    ways to protect the NYC anti-war demonstrators, and/or the people and
    shrine of Najaf. Please distribute freely.


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    Subject: [Gnu-darwin-distribution] GNU-Darwin: DC 7/17: We Are The Stakeholders

    For me the point is in the slogan. This meeting appears to be a
    self-congratualory handshake between a bunch of CEOs, where the voters
    will be excluded from the decisions of their government.

    In their brashness, they think they can make it an open meeting, with
    comments, because they feel that the people are inured into helplessness.
    By showing up and making a little noise, we show them that the people
    are the real stakeholders, not the corporations, and that we are ready
    to take democratic action now, especially if they plan to buy off the
    regulators and legislators. I wish I could be there.

    This is also the message of these unusual posts to the GNU-Darwin
    lists, and of our Freedom News page.

    We will stand up and let them know that we are watching, that we see
    what they are trying to do, that we object to it. We will engage them
    at every turn with our innovation and by exercising our rights. Someone
    must say NO to these IP bullies, and I'm happy that GNU-Darwin can be
    part of that assertion.

    Vigilance is the operative word. If we are not strong, then open
    standards, free software, fair use, and even free speech will be
    bulldozed for the profit of a few depraved and already wealthy
    individuals. They have shown us with their media what they want
    for America, and it is a disgusting picture. Their intention is clear,
    but our stridency is thus enabled. We must put them
    back in their place, and we must do it now while we still can, before it is
    too late.


    From: proclus realm <>
    Subject: GNU-Darwin: We are the stakeholders

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    Apple has been excluded from the DRM workshop, or else they are keeping
    clear. It would be interesting to find out which it is. Maybe those
    Valenti groupies want to shut Apple out of the DRM OS. On the other hand,
    Apple could get much credibility from the users by speaking out against
    Palladium and so on. Any ideas? Also, I've updated the news page with
    links that have been discussed on the ad hoc list stakeholders list. Check
    it out.


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    Subject: Fwd: GNU-Darwin: Blackout

    GNU-Darwin will blackout tomorrow, if the 7/17 fair-use
    representatives, leafleteers, or demonstrators are ill-treated. We will
    also commence to organize a world-wide boycott against the companies in
    the DRM workshop.

    Please accept my apologies, if you got more than one copy of this


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    2004-08-26 18:08:24 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin-1.1rc1: GNUMail, MPlayer, GNUstep, facc, +more!

    The first release candidate for the GNU-Darwin Distribution .v 1.1 for PowerPC is now available. Get the installer at

    Is is built for Darwin 7.x including Panther. It ships with GNOME 2.6.1, GNUstep and many great applications.

    2004-08-17 18:57:57 GMT by yvesde

  • GNU-Darwin: Playfair progress?

    May I suggest that the mirror sites now update accordingly. ;-}


    ------ Forwarded message ------
    From: Anand Babu <>
    Subject: Re: Playfair progress?
    Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 20:14:53 -0700

    ,----[ Rajkumar S <> ]
    | Hi,
    | Whats' happening in the playfair front? Did we receive any reply from
    | Apple?
    | raj
    `---- and just came online today. forwarded me to a US based hosting service provider.
    This provider is well aware of the DMCA and DRM issues and is very
    much willing to defend us in case Apple threatens to bring down the

    Anand Babu
    Free as in Freedom <>

    2004-05-11 14:28:31 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin: Annnouncing $HOME Ports tarball for Irix64

    By way of review, our $HOME tarballs provide a way for users to build
    software in their home directories, especially on systems where root
    access may not be available or desireable. I use these things to
    prototype solutions for crystallography labs, such as parallel
    computing, networking software, and backup systems, but there are
    clearly many other uses. Here are the links for our new Irix64 version.

    As with previous cases, it was necessary to bootstrap FreeBSD make onto
    the system and hardcode the path to the zsh into the make binary. In
    order to use the tarballs, you might have to build your own custom
    make, which you can do in src/usr.bin/make. It might also be
    necessary to modify some variables in usr/ports/Mk/ to
    relect your home directory, although I did make some progress in
    generalizing this. Here are some general info and related links
    about the $HOME tarballs.

    As part of my new job resposibilities, I am using the the GNU/Linux and
    Irix ports systems alot, and I'll be preparing some new packages very

    If you have any questions about this, be sure and ask.


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    2004-04-12 16:55:53 GMT by proclus

  • playfair on GNU-Darwin x86, Apple uses DMCA

    For those who are interested, playfair built automatically with
    GNU-Darwin x86, although I haven't tested it, because I am clearly _not_
    an iTunes user. For those who are interested in downloading and
    distributing the code, here is the project link and source code link as

    For any who haven't heard, Apple has apparently served the playfair
    project with a DMCA takedown notice, which means that GNU-Darwin is
    going black with a prominent playfair link this weekend. Here are the
    story links.

    That last point should be up for discussion, because we general ignore
    the proprietary software side of Apple. Personally, I think that anyone
    who intentionally and knowingly uses any DRM-loaded tool such as iTunes
    deserves no support at all. On the other hand, we have been engaged
    with related issues for several years now, and like the DVD problem,
    this situation is begging for our involvement.

    GNU-Darwin is a SourceForge based project, and it is apparently
    SourceForge who executed Apple's takedown, so we won't be distributing
    playfair packages through our usual channels ;-}.


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    2004-04-10 01:24:06 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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