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  • GNU-Darwin Action: On value and money, molecules activism

    2010-02-23 17:54:58 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin Action: iPhone boycott continues

    2010-02-16 18:25:25 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin Action: winter bicycler

    Some of you know that I consider bicycle commuting to be not only a healthful and beneficial activity, but it is also a fundamental component of my anti-war action and boycott of adverse US corporations. The oil companies and automobile related industries are certainly arguably the most adverse of all. This is why I am heartened that a couple of winter and urban bicycling articles that I have written have been well received, and so I though that many of you would also be interested in them. Hope that you like them.


    2010-02-09 23:57:26 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin Action: parsley an antidiarrheal

    Diarrhea is a frequently problem for those who undertake supplementation and vegetarian-style regimens. On the other hand, what for some of us is a minor inconvenience or annoyance can become life-threatening in some parts of the world where there are complicating issues. It is a real problem, which is larger than some of us think, and the dehydration resulting from diarrhea may be dangerous for those who are using supplements as well. First advice is drink plenty of water if you are using supplements. It should be noted that water shock can be fatal in severe cases.

    As it happens, certain flavonoids have been documented to have a paradoxical anti-diarrhea property when taken in large doses. This is due to inhibition of the ATP-cAMP-dependent chloride channel (CFTR), and these flavonoids have been suggested as a remedy in cases where diarrhea might become dangerous. Parsley flavonoid shares in the ability to block this channel and slow digestion, so that water can be absorbed from the intestine.

    Fortunately, parsley is a widely available commodity, even in some of the poorest of countries. I am recommending that an anti-diarrhea emulsion could include enough parsley to help save lives. It has been demonstrated that such inexpensive preparations can do great good. It can be flavored with a little sweetener for small children. Diarrhea can take its toll, particularly on the young, hopefully this information will help to prevent the death of some little ones.

    Interestingly, the cystic fibrosis disease results from a defect in this same chloride channel. The wide range of symptoms indicate how widespread this channel is in the body, including the nasal passages and lungs. Those suffering from intestinal maladies, such as cryptitis, should consider avoiding such things as quercetin and parsley flakes. There is some evidence that we can find alternative flavonoid regimens for them, which do not inhibit the channel. I am including below a salient reference.


    Cocoa-related flavonoids inhibit CFTR-mediated chloride transport across T84 human colon epithelia

    2010-01-19 14:56:28 GMT by proclus

  • GNU-Darwin Action: another health care reform message
    I remain opposed to mandatory insurance, as ever, period. Moreover, I would like to point out that mandatory insurance gives far too much power to the insurance companies, and they can expect a huge backlash of onerous regulations. Rightly so. Even socialized medicine is preferable to this.

    2010-01-10 02:19:50 GMT by proclus

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