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proclus : Michael L. Love: recipe; flax oil, tyrosol lignans update

Michael L. Love: recipe; flax oil, tyrosol lignans update
This is another late night quick update on several items.  I managed to isolate the effects of the flax oil with lignan fraction formulations, and I am checking off.  I could not detect any increase in blood pressure, or any decongestant effect either.  It is likely that this is a most healthful oil formulation, second only to certain fish oils.

I think that the lignans add a little bitter taste to this oil, which is comparable to some olive oils that may be similar, but I recommend the flax oil anyway.  Cooking and acidic foods are likely to create something deeply pleasant from the bitters.  In fact, I have a recipe for this below.

Before proceeding to the recipe, I would like to point out a problem with citrus bioflavonoids, like hesperidin and naringinin.  Although citrus fruits typically have hundreds of milligrams of these beneficial substances, they are not absorbed well into the body.  In fact, the absorption is terrible, in spite of the high vitamin C content of the fruit.  One reason for this may be that people tend to wolf citrus fruits down without chewing, and I recommend small, well-chewed bites.  I have also applied some biochemical insights and kitchen wizardry to make a recipe that attempts to address this problem.

Again, before proceeding to the recipe itself, I need to point out that this citrus pudding has a very unusual ingredient, fresh ground pepper.  Like the flax oil bitters, this spice takes on a very different and rich taste in the acidic pudding mixture.  Here is the recipe.

Juice two citrus fruits, and save the pulp.  Set the juice aside, or drink it as you like.  It is not a part of the pudding.  The vast majority of healthful fiber and flavanoids are found in the pulp.  Be sure to juice vigorously all the way to the peel. 

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