Monday, April 12, 2010

blog mirroring and resistance

Some might wonder why I have gone to so much trouble to mirror the blog in so many places.  The more I think about this question, the more great answers come to mind, but the main reason is resistance.  It is a simple fact that great hostility has been demonstrated on occasion to information published in the Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin realms, and moreover, we have seen our associates sites taken down from time to time.  By mirroring widely we assure that it will be difficult or impossible to take it down entirely, so that we can resist the forces that are hostile to expression.

If people try to quell your speech by calling you names or calling your boss, RESIST!
If you are threatened by corporations or governments, RESIST!
If you are cast out of their forums and gathering places, RESIST!
You have the right to free speech.

You are not a troll, which is a mythological creature.  If you are disruptive, you are saying something that needs to be heard.  Express yourself!  RESIST!

If you have a great idea, cross-post it.  Speak off-topic.
Resist well.  Resist now.  RESIST!
You have speech freedom.
Cry liberty in your chains!
Scream freedom from the flames! 
!!!!!!!!!!! RESIST !!!!!!!!!!!

As always, questions and suggestions are welcome, and please feel free to pass this info along as you like.


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