Monday, January 10, 2011

WikiLeaks supporter: Iceland's Foreign Minister protested against U.S. inves...

: #imbrad: Spiegel Online reports the anger with which news of the Twitter subpoena has been received in Iceland, where one of the named persons is a member of parliament. Most readers of this blog are likely to know that Iceland has sensibly enacted strong whistleblower protections. Iceland is not the only place where people are upset about the subpoena, and this will likely be a topic of discussion during the mass protests around the world that are scheduled to occur this week in support of Wikileaks.


Das US-Justizministerium will die Twitter-Privatkorrespondenz einer isländischen Parlamentarierin auswerten, weil sie zeitweise WikiLeaks unterstützt hat. Isländische Regierungsvertreter reagieren empört.

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