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The 'Media Mafia' and Government 'Truths' - #rape #VAW #military

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We are still being fed “The Governments version of the TRUTH” about incidents in Iraq. Sadly today’s “Media Mafia” seems to be content to let Big Brother control the flow of information.

A full one-third of women veterans report rape or attempted rape during their time in the military. The investigation into these incidents are often more like a cover-up story than a fully transparent investigation. A good example of the cloaked “government truth” type of investigation is illustrated by what happened in Pfc LaVena Johnson’s case.

Pfc LaVena Johnson was a 19-year-old soldier, found with a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, acid burns on her genitals [presumably to eliminate DNA evidence of rape] , a trail of blood leading away from her tent and a bullet hole in her head. Unbelievably Army investigators ruled her death a suicide.

Go to to read more about the refusal of Army investigators to reopen LaVena’s case despite the public outcry. . People really need to voice their outrage at this kind of injustice.

Unfortunately government cover-ups are nothing new……….

I”M STILL ANGRY about Vietnam and Kent State

I was just teeny bopper flower child in 1970 but I remember Kent State, desegregation, race riots and protesting the war. Back then no one wanted to be a “gangsta” (unless they were already real gangsters), young people wanted peace and equal rights. We understood that change meant peaceful protesting and organized sit ins and marches across the country to stop the war. In 1970 the National Guard did not seem to understand the concept of a “Peaceful” protest and SHOT UNARMED STUDENTS .

Read about the conspiracy to cover up the order to fire on an unarmed student at Alan Canfora’s Site

Alan Canfora at Kent State in 1970
Alan Canfora is a Kent State Expert Witness and Survivor of the massacre.

Click to read about The 1970 Anti-War Movement

Seventies style fashions are making a comeback so why not bring back anti-war Demonstrations?

Where have all the Flower Waving Protesters gone?

Maybe they can’t afford the gas to get to a protest site or just too busy texting each other on their fancy techno gadgets.


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