Sunday, January 23, 2011

1st Amendment violation - Activists harassed as they attempted to deliver a petition

Jane Hamsher and David House were harrassed at Quantico Marine base as
they unsuccessfully attempted to deliver a petition protesting the
inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning. This is an intolerable
violation of the protected right to petition, which is guaranteed in
the First Amendment. It is not acceptable. Craven Quantico brass
should now graciously accept the petition and apologize for this
affront to our liberties and violation of their oath.

The assertion that the behavior of the Quanitico authorities is craven
and a profound violation of good faith requires little defense. I
should be noted that Bradley Manning has recently emerged from an
extremely abusive regimen of solitary confinement at Quantico, and it
appears that Quantico brass wants to keep the condition of Bradley
Manning as a secret. It should be no surprise that they want to hide
their filthy handiwork from the stare of the outside world. It is
another example of their intolable disregard for the rights of US
citizens. We cannot permit the military to behave in this manner.
Someone needs to give these generals an order!

Since the petition has not been delivered, there may still be time to
add your signature to mine. I would like to see the petition
delivered and duly considered. Here is the petition link, .


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