Sunday, November 27, 2011

The US war machine - #opblackout #fixndaa #sopa #solidarity #dec12ports #opmayhem #nonviolence

Message to a dear friend: wrt, The War Resisters League

Given that the US is armed high above the teeth, widely regarded as global policeman, and a worldwide empire, that is aggressively engaged in wrongful wars, I think that foreign invasion is the least of our worries at this time. This has been the state of the US ever since I learned of the league, which I applaud for their resistance to this ugly war machine. I have been a war resister since I was six years old, thanks in part to the league. That was 1966. Now the US is proposing overt police state legislation in the Senate, buried in the defense authorization bill. Draconian internet censorship measures are expected to pass in Congress. The people of the world have been so grossly abused at the hand of the US gov, that we can expect massive blowback in due course. The process is already underway. Such a pity, as the US had a far better potential than this. All tyranny faces justice eventually.


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