Sunday, November 6, 2011

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My experiences at Occupy Baltimore have been inspiring and uplifting,
and I believe the best way to respond to the encampment is to assist
in any way possible. This is true of so many of the the #Occupy
encampments. Participate in this wonderful experiment of
participatory democracy happening in your own city. I was particularly
moved by the recent divenstment march, and feel that participation in
the #Occupy movement is inherently rewarding. We should give our best
to the aspirations of a emergent movement and rising generation.

I have made an attempt below to collect some key information and
positive news about Occupy Baltimore. Our friends in the beautiful
encampments deserve our support. Check out their website. It is a
good one. Hopefully, everything you need to understand the camp is
here, except one thing. Go and visit them, and see for yourself what
the future might be like.

Occupy Baltimore | Occupy Baltimore

Occupy Baltimore also has a Twitter and Facebook page. I really enjoy
the Twitter updates on my phone, and recomend that you subscribe to
your local #Occupy by SMS text.

Occupy Baltimore | Facebook

OccupyBaltimore (@OccupyBaltimore) on Twitter

Occupy Baltimore has attracted blog articles in the local newspapers
and elsewhere.

Marbella: Constellation and Occupy Baltimore, a tale of our times

At Occupy Baltimore: A Cause! | Citypaper Blogs

Occupy Baltimore Wins Support of Police and Firefighter Unions

Here are some more useful Occupy Baltimore related news and
information. They are making history. Happy Reading!

Protect Occupy Baltimore |

Occupy Baltimore planning meeting draws about 150 - Baltimore Sun

Occupy Baltimore resumes protest | Baltimore Brew

Occupy Baltimore, One Month Later - Reisterstown, MD Patch

It is so unfortunate that some seem to feel that the #Occupy movement
is something that needs to be stopped and suppressed. Has the Bill of
Rights become so tattered that we can no longer recognize a free
expression assembly? Please stop fighting them, and give them your
support, or else it may your assembly that is in the crosshairs next.
We must protect our liberties.


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