Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Defending #Manning and #Assange - #wikileaks #occupy #ows #usdor

I envision pro bono legal organizing now for Manning and Assange. I think people would contribute more to their defense. nov5 withdraw

Most important, do not leave out Bradley Manning. The man is a hero in chains. @SaveBradley

Hope there is a legal team ready to fight Assange extradition to the US BEFORE it happens. Perhaps people would be willing to contribute.

#Occupy should not let the masters of wedges divide them from their natural Wikileaks allies. ows usdor

May I suggest that the credit union beneficiaries contribute to the #Occupy and Wikileaks causes that led to their windfall? ows usdor

Wikileaks has been engaged in an unusual fund raiser, because normal giving channels are blocked. Please help them, if you can.

It is crucial that we continue to resist the anti-Wikileaks grand jury proceedings. I applaud those who have done so thus far.


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