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I am republishing the Vitacost blog postings to the GNU-Darwin spectrum.


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Michael L. Love: proclus molecules blog
Welcome to Michael L. Love on Vitacost!

Probably my most recognizable feature is that I don't own a car, and I bicycle for exercise twice most days.

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My brother's blog: Certain Conditions

Hummingbird Sips a Golden Barrel Cactus


I took this picture with my HTC phone. I was a little surprised how well the wings were captured. Lucky shot!

Clearly worth a look.


Many thanks to the SourceForge site, without which there would likely be no GNU-Darwin at all. Here is a link to the old GNU-Darwin site on SourceForge, now improved with additional links to the people and organizations who helped us grow.  Many thanks to them all.

Things should be returning to a more normal pace soon.  It is getting late, and I must go stir my spaghetti pot.  I am sure that I will have a bowl, which will push me to a 1 1/2 cups of parsley today.  I think that parsley might be making me smarter too.

I must say that I feel  similar gratitude to the Vitacost site as for the SourceForge.  It is wonderful to have a blog on this site, where I can link and point people to the supplements that I use.  If you haven't looked at my profile page, perhaps you should, because that is where you will find that information.

Michael L. Love: proclus blog Vitacost Profile Page

I am following Vitacost on Twitter, which does not seem like a bad idea either.


The blog


  • GNU-Darwin Foundations
  • Michael L. Love/GNU-Darwin Twitter Feed
  • Michael L. Love: writing and riding
  • Michael L. Love: aspirin hiatus upshot
  • Michael L. Love: On value and money, molecules activism
  • Michael L. Love: aspirin hiatus
  • Michael L. Love: citrus pudding recipe
  • Michael L. Love: parsley recipe alert!
  • Michael L. Love: parsley and bone loss
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    These crucial foundational links are critically important from a historical perspective, for everything that flowed from my CHESS/MacCHESS Cornell University days, especially The GNU-Darwin Distribution.  None of it would have happened, if I did not have access to these marvelous resources.  This fact cannot be overstated.

    It is probable that this work led directly to my employment at Johns Hopkins University.  Here is a link to my lab and current CV at Hopkins, where I am the X-ray Lab Manager.  The foremost fact is that I like it there.

    We have certainly come a long ways, but the best is yet to come.

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    Subject: WRT facebook

    Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:24:41 -0400 (EDT) 

    My public search listing is not public, even though I have followed the instructions to make it public, which I found here.!

    Anyone smell a rat? At any rate, these instructions are obviously faulty.

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