Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael L. Love: Pomegranate nut fudge with blueberries - #nut #caramel #fudge #berries #blueberries


Healthy pomegranate nut fudge with blueberries is the latest variation on the weekend fudge indulgence, but it is also a wonderful component of a good diet.  Cocoa lovers can add a serving of peanut butter to the fudge, and the portion is expanded to 4 squares.   You will not be disappointed, but remember that you have used your nut serving for the day!  Pecans and walnuts add a delightful texture.  A bit of fresh squeezed orange juice enhances the chocolate flavor considerably, but it also takes the edge off of the secret ingredient, a dash of fresh ground pepper.  If you add pepper and citrus juice, don't forget to make a small amount of fudge, because it should be eaten right away, not a problem for most people I should think ;-}.  I substituted pomegranate juice concentrate for agave nectar, which adds enormously to the healthful polyphenolic content of the fudge, and remarkably, the large punicalagin tannin molecules are known to be absorbed into the blood stream and exert their beneficial effect in the body.  The pomegranate concentrate also makes for sweet fudge, tangy, and tasty!  If you are interested in the recipe, here is the link. 


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