Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boycott BP TrueMajority pledge. - #BP Oil Spill #boycottbp #oilspill

Hey there,

I'm sure you've seen the photos of wildlife drenched in oil, Gulf Coast fishermen stranded on their docks and estimates that the BP oil spill will only get worse.

It's easy to feel helpless, but we're not. There is something you can do right now to help stop the spill: boycott BP.

The government has outlined some important steps to clean up the spill. But it's up to us, the citizens and consumers, to send a wake-up call that BP executives and their puppets in Washington will really understand.

Since these are for-profit companies, we have the power to help end the oil spill by making a simple choice when we head to the pump. I just pledged to boycott BP and its subsidiaries; can you do the same thing?

This website makes it really simple:



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