Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boycotts work! #boycottbp #BP Oil Spill #oilspill ((tag: boycottbp, BP, oilspill))

It is infuriating to hear that boycotting only hurts the franchise stores. First of all, the aim of the boycott is not to hurt but to help. Second, it is well known that the franchise owners make almost no money from gasoline sales, because they are being gouged by big brands like BP. It is BP that makes the lions share of profits from gasoline sales, and boycotting affects BP most.

Why is the President not exercising executive power with respect to BP and the oil spill? Laws are being broken, but the man seems unwilling to do his duty. #boycottbp #BP Oil Spill #oilspill

The point is that BP's efforts have consistently demonstrated that they think the oil is more important than the oil spill, and they seem to want the oil whether it is spilling or not, because they prioritize it over the damage that they have done. The reason it is still leaking is because they do not want it plugged. It is literally criminal, but the government appears to be looking the other way, while making tough sounding remarks.

If I spill a quart of oil in the harbor, the Coast Gaurd could charge me an onerous fine. They could make sure that the oil spill was contained and leak stopped. This is in fact their job.

No effort has been made to plug the well. BP could do it, if that was their actual aim. If you are a corporation fueling the tanks and war effort, I guess you get away with it. I guess it helps if you are so damned greedy that you are blind to an environmental catastrophe. Interesting matter of scale. Interesting sense of justice. Where is the executive? Where is law enforcement?


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