Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer bicycle training continues

Last night I rode from Johns Hopkins Hospital to Hunt Valley Light Rail Stop. It was a 20 mile trip, and took me about 2 hours. I joined the East Coast Greenway route at Univesity Blvd. and Roland, and stuck with it on Charles Street after dark.  This part of Charles has a very wide shoulder, so that it is quite safe. Although there was alot of fast moving traffic, the main hazard at night was a couple of lost retreads in the wide shoulder area. It was a little tough finding my way from Charles to Greenspring Drive at night, but I managed it. If you ride this route at night, I recommend copious bicycle lighting. East Coast Greenway Google maps are availalble on the web.

I made excellent time in the cool night air for the last 5 miles. It was pure pleasure taking the back roads of Cockeysville at high speed.  It was a great ride, and I took the Light Rail train home. If you live in Baltimore, you should try this route. It is fairly easy to connect to the NCR York trail once you get to Cockeysville, and there are plenty of shopping and errands to get done on nearby York Avenue. If you become too adventurous, the Light Rail trains are ready at hand to get you home. Such is the usual case for me.




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