Friday, September 21, 2012

On Anniv. of Afghanistan War: Say No to War and Sanctions on Syria and Iran

Another great action from ANSWER.


On the Anniversary of the Afghanistan War:
Say No to War and Sanctions on Syria and Iran

6820665745_3879228f4e.jpgOn the 11th Anniversary of the Afghanistan War, the ANSWER Coalition is organizing and participating in demonstrations around the country. Our central slogans are: “End the Afghanistan War Now!” and “No War and Sanctions vs. Syria and Iran! U.S. Out of the Middle East!

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Organizers for the main protest on the 11th anniversary here in Chicago, have omitted the issue of Syria and Iran, but ANSWER will be making both a central part of our slogans and literature.

The governments of Iran and Syria have been targeted for overthrow by the U.S. government. The reason that U.S. imperialism wants to carry out regime change in Syria and Iran is that both governments have been independent of the U.S. and the former NATO colonizers of the region.

The foreign policy of the U.S. government is to replace these governments with proxy or client regimes. It is not about “democracy” or “human rights” or “nuclear weapons.” Those are just excuses. Remember that George W. Bush used the same or similar pretexts to invade Iraq in 2003 and Obama did the same to justify the massive bombing of Libya in 2011.

Every time the U.S. targets a government for overthrow they first fully demonize the target in the mass media. They create a caricature of the target. They make it seem to the people that their next war is for a good cause and has just reasons.

Instead of accommodating itself to the public demonization campaign constructed by the war makers, anti-war organizations need to be strong enough to expose the lies.

The ANSWER Coalition believes that it is an absolute requirement to organize public opposition to the Pentagon/CIA campaign to bring down the Syrian and Iranian governments. That is what we will do at the upcoming October 7 demonstration in Chicago.

For more information about Oct 7. click here

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