Monday, December 12, 2011

Defend Habitat for Hawaiian Monk Seals

Right now there's a great proposal on the table to protect Hawaii's coasts and waters for monk seals, but an effort to mislead people about the rule threatens to undermine desperately needed protection for a majestic creature on the brink of extinction.

The period for public comment has been extended, so please -- speak out now to save the monk seal's critical habitat.

For monk seal babies in northwest Hawaii, the chances of surviving to adulthood are bleak. Only one in five will last the first year. The new habitat protections will ensure that monk seals can raise their pups safely around the main Hawaiian Islands without the risk of starvation faced elsewhere.

Saving these beautiful seals from extinction means conserving the Hawaiian coastlines they rely on to survive; protecting our beaches is good both for the seals and for everyone who enjoys the surf.

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