Thursday, December 1, 2011

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I am looking for high quality Anonymous News blogs.  If you know of any good ones, please feel free to post them in the comments section.  There is a high possibility that I will publish good links on all the GNU-Darwin spectrum blogs and social network sites.  In due course, links may appear on the GNU-Darwin site itself. Reader accessible RSS feeds and current news would be a minimal requirement.  Here are a few that I know about already.  I try to consult these blogs on a daily basis.  Like many people, I am eager for more such news, and a good list would likely be widely appreciated.  Please submit in the following format, if possible.  Also, feel free to submit more than one.  Self-promotion is discouraged I understand. ;-)


Don't feel bad if your blog is not in this initial list.  I dig around with Google, and I can't say that I am privy to any elite knowledge, as it were.  You should also note that if no one submits anything, that some folks will consider this to be a complete list already. If someone already has a list a list of high quality Anonymous or Occupy blogs, feel free to post a link.

While have your attention, I would highly recommend including qr-codes in Anonymous paper storms and Occupy leaflets.  Check for code and examples.   Feel free to take these ideas into your collectives and do it your way instead.  I think these suggestions would be a great way to improve the Occupy blog network too.  Turn on RSS, because people want to see your updates in Google Reader.  If you include a qr-code in your leaflets, then people can link directly to your website with their smartphone, without typing the address. Web geeks like me did things like these before it was possible to retweet.  By interlinking our sites, we amplify our message. 

Tyler, there I said it.


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