Thursday, November 4, 2010

Koch Industries is the Worst -- Do You Agree?

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Do you know how far the fossil fuel industry is willing to go to protect their profits?   

Big polluters fight dirty. They blow smoke about the science of climate change and use scare tactics to slow the progress of clean energy -- costing us hundreds of thousands of jobs and putting our economy at risk.   

Like the people who sold "magic elixirs" in the Old West, they will say anything to part you from your money, even while they're peddling something toxic. That's why Repower America is presenting the 2010 Snake Oil Awards to shame the worst of the worst, and we get to decide who wins. I voted for Koch Industries because they have spent decades funding attacks on climate change science and our clean energy future.

Join me and cast your vote for  today:

Let's show the fossil fuel industry that they can't get away with their lies any longer.


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  1. I've changed my view of this problem. Climate change is bunk. Rank me with the deniers.