Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Gas Really 'Twice as Clean' as Coal? | Environment | AlterNet

Here is the article link, and important article.'twice_as_clean'_as_coal


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Thank you for the deeply insightful article, such as I have come to expect in general for Alternet over the years. It well illustrates the point that greenwashing and other PR attempts don't merely stretch the truth, but are simple outright lies made palatable by clever rhetorical techniques. It is simply absurd to think of natural gas as "clean" energy. The article lists many reasons why this is the case. I would like to add that radioactive uranium and radon deposits are often found near natural gas deposits, especially in the shale. It is a historical fact that natural gas drilling, even without fracking, can release underground toxins such as these to pollute our water supplies. In most of these areas, underground aquifers are also used to water the crops, so that our food supply is at risk of contamination as well. A simple resort to Google image search is sufficient to demonstrate these facts. Simply put, natural gas drilling is likely to give people cancer and other maladies. Of course, fracking makes this much worse. It should be noted that similar problems exist with coal ash and shale oil extraction. I remember as a child being told not to play in the nearby shale fields, because they might be radioactive, a commonplace problem. That was Utah where many underground water sources were rendered useless for human consumption decades ago.

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  1. NRPA recommends everyone living in the three lowest floors above ground level, to measure the radon concentration in their homes. We do measurement of radon in your home with track & film measurement in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen in Norway. (Vi gjør måling av radon i hjemmet ditt med spor og film måling.)