Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop the Internet Blacklist! - #drm #law #acta #dmca #coica #music #freedom #downloads #internet #software #technology

Hey -- have you heard about this new Internet blacklist bill? It would allow the Attorney General to censor entire websites in the United States -- even if the site hasn't been convicted of any crime!

President Obama has been denouncing countries like China and Iran for censoring the Internet -- but now the U.S. Senate is about to do the same thing here at home. And they're trying to rush the bill through right after the election without having any debate.

Can you take a second to sign a petition opposing this bill? Click here.

Already over 200,000 people have signed and they're trying to hit 250,000 before they start delivering petitions at the end of this week. Adding your name could make a real difference.

Please forward this email far and wide -- people need to hear about this bill.



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