Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OFA: Commit to #Vote Challenge - #voter #activism #america #coica #acta #facebook #boycottbp #oilspill #blacktide


I just signed up for the Commit to Vote Challenge, and I wanted to
invite you to join me.

It's a great new tool from Organizing for America that lets you show
your commitment to vote in the upcoming 2010 elections, share your
reason for participating and inspire your friends to commit as well.

You can track your progress, see who you've inspired to commit, and
even compete against your friends (like me) to see who can inspire the
most voters.

With the elections so close in dozens of states and districts around
the country, our friends could end up making all the difference.

So get the wave started -- join me an try out the Commit to Vote
Challenge today!


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