Thursday, May 20, 2010

Michael L. Love: Thai Black Rice update ((tag fitness, weight loss, calories, diets, low carb, the diet, weight diet, pounds lose, lose fat, lose weight fast, diet plan, fat loss, diet food))

I thought that the Vitacost community might be interested in the latest snippet from the Molecules site news, featuring Vitacost and this blog.

For those who are following the activism aspect of the Molecules site, I thought that you might be interested in a little pre-history as it were. Prior to the founding of the Molecules site, the activism first hatched under the GNU-Darwin umbrella, and the fundamental idea of molecules activism was invented. Initially, it was concerned primarily with resveratrol and other caloric restriction memetics, but it was clearly bound to expand from there. You can read some of the early material in the GNU-Darwin Posts regarding resveratrol and calorie restriction. As was previously mentioned, the ideas were formally developed in the FOSS, Science, and Public activism essay, and it was even put forth as a war protest in the so-called bootstrapping essay. As the Molecules site developed, it became clear that additional adjunct activities were required in order to push the activism harder. One of these adjuncts was created on the Vitacost website, where it is easy to provide directed links to crucial molecules for those who want to obtain them for themselves. Moreover, the activism ideas continue to evolve there in blog format. Check it out: Michael L. Love proclus Blog on Vitacost.

Tonight I found some very satisfying news related to all of this.  One of the  last few GNU-Darwin posts regarding resveratrol and caloric restriction referred to the very  high anthocyanin content of the forbidden Thai black rice.  You can read about that in the link above.  At the time that I wrote the post there was virtually no product development around the black rice, but now I am happy to learn that there are many such products.  Several can be found on the Vitacost website.  Obviously, I cannot take any credit for this marvellous development, but the success is consistent with the activism ideas that I have been developing.  There are many examples of such successes,  some of them are documented in a free software activism article that I wrote several years ago.  The implications are pretty far reaching.  For more examples, check out this page on GNU-Darwin, or the links page and personal page of this blog.  We also should consider the possibility that thinking in similar veins together makes great minds out of us.  Of course the internet itself seems pre-designed for that sort of activism.  Cheers!


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