Thursday, May 20, 2010

Michael L. Love: more on the polyphenol story

I am expecting that the following polyphenols will be both highly effective and good free radical scanvengers as well.  This is not based on any scientific evaluation, but rather on their widespread use and interest.  People are not dummies.  Work continues.  Here is the list in order of priortity.

resveratrol, lutein, curcumin, quercetin, pycnogenol, rutin, egcg, silymarin, fucoidan, chrysin, diosmin, hesperidin, apigenin, luteolin, naringenin, kaempferol, fisetin, neohesperidin.

There is a wide range represented in the list, and right away I notice that lutein probably does not deserve such high placement in comparison to the others.  There are some other possible misplacements, and biochemical insights will provide some refinements of the list.   I cut the list very deep in order to include the citrus bioflavanoids, and it probably includes some less important molecules as a result.  For example, I mentioned chrysin in a previous post as a possible problem, and rutin probably does not belong above egcg.  More to come.

You can probably get a good approximation of this list by checking the Vitacost best sellers.  Try searching on antioxidant.  It is such a wonderful website, which helped me to compile this list and develop my program.  Cheers!


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