Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Save Our Wildlife From Border Walls

Our elected representatives are finally ready to tackle the thorny issue of immigration reform. But some members of Congress are using this opportunity to push the same destructive, unhelpful border-security policies that have already caused massive damage to the lands at our borders, along with their people and wildlife.

We need your help to make sure immigration reform helps, instead of hurts, the biodiversity of our borderlands.

Current immigration reform proposals call for billions of dollars to expand the ineffective, wasteful, incredibly destructive border wall. They want the Department of Homeland Security to waive environmental review for wall-building and border-enforcement activities, and they want to push their agenda through without public input.

This could wreak real havoc, hurting wildlife, causing major flooding and erosion, and doing massive damage to national parks and refuges.

Please take action now to send a clear message to your senators: "No Walls, No Waivers."

Take action here:

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