Friday, January 20, 2012

help me ban #fracking - #food #health #gas #oil #plants #oilspill #nokxl

Fracking -- the drilling process technically known as hydraulic fracturing where water, chemicals and sand are blasted at high velocity into underground fissures to release natural gas -- has been linked to contaminated drinking water, flammable tap water and even earthquakes. But politicians' interest in tackling this environmental threat is underwhelming at best.

That's because any attempt to question fracking's safety draws the ire of uber-lobbying group the American Petroleum Institute, one of D.C.'s most powerful industry associations and a big donor to political campaigns.

Ignoring the environmental hazards of hydraulic fracturing might be good for profits, but it's bad for the environment and our health. So I just signed this petition calling for a ban on fracking. Can you do the same?

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