Friday, May 7, 2010

proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley as a preservative

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It is still a marvel to me that I have not yet been able to uncover any ancient lore regarding parsley.  Given its properties, one would expect it to be the stuff of legend.  For example, while maintaining myself on the parsley plan described in this blog, this has been my best allergy season for years, as anticipated.  More about this later.  Another thing I noticed lately is that parsley is a great preservative, which now should come as no surprise either.  Parsley is simply loaded with astringent phenolics, such as apigenin, which are excellent preservatives, in addition to being extraordinarily healthful.

Some of you may know that I bring a zippy bag full of veges with me most times.  This bag of tricks typically contains a red pepper, a carrot, black grapes, parsley sprigs, sometimes grapefruit sections, and whatever other vegetables I happen to have around the house.  I also eat a bit of cheese, which I keep separate from the vegetables, but a little cross-contamination is inevitable, which has sometimes led to some surprisingly tasty results.  Unfortunately, it has also sometimes led to vegetable spoilage, even though I keep the bag in the fridge overnight.  Lately, I have also been adding about 1/4 cup of parsley flakes, and it has clearly been inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms and the resulting food spoilage. 

One supposes that citrus stored buried in parsley flakes would suffer far less mold.  Cheese coated with parsley flakes would also likely store better, and many other excellent benefits are expected.  It is difficult to believe that the ancients were unaware of these important properties of parsley.  They were able to surmise the healthful benefits of many plants and spices based upon their preservative properties.  If anyone discovers some genuine parsley lore, I would definitely be interested in hearing about it.


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