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proclus : Michael L. Love: blogging, facebook, and Radical Mormon

Michael L. Love: blogging, facebook, and Radical Mormon
It is pleasant to have this community website, which helps to keep me focused on my main life goals.  I love these goals, but I must admit that I am not always a faithful lover.  Moreover, I sometimes think that it is a little strange that I have started a blog and joined Facebook.   Prior to starting this blog, I was using the Molecules site and my personal site on GNU-Darwin for publishing health and supplement related items.   In fact, I have ample venues and means for pubishing my thoughts on the web.  Here is an example, which goes way back.  When Yahoo was nothing more than a page of links, I started The Radical Mormon and Mutant RM's.  The web was still relatively small, and I included them with my conventional home page materials, which probably go back to 1996 or so.  Prior to the web that we know, my software was on the ftp and gopher sites, from about 1990.  Together, these were a significant addition to the total content at the time.  These sites started many friendships.  At the link below,  you will also find links to all of my web publishing projects over the years.

Michael L. Love Ph.D

The Radical Mormon was founded in 1999 by Michael L. Love for and on behalf of the mutantRM's group, and it was the outer organ for this group for some time. The ideas expressed in this publication did not come out of nowhere, and they were hatched and sprouted in discussions within the mutantRM's group, and as well, the foundations were laid decades before. There are many many people to thank, and some of them are mentioned in the FAQ. As for the editor, Michael has been publishing on the web with great enthusiasm since 1998, and there is a...
Radical Mormon editor and contributors

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