Saturday, May 1, 2010

No proprietary Flash Google! proclus' 4G tablet

I want to remind people that there are alternatives to the iPad, iPhone,
and Android, and the alternatives are more in the spirit of software
freedom. In addition to OpenMoko, one of my favorites is Maemo. Unlike my Android phone, the 4G tablet running Maemo was easy to root,
as it should be, and I have all my favorite applications running there
thanks to a Debian chroot, including Firefox. This 4G tablet has been
one of my favorite portable computers over that past few years. If
Google introduces a proprietary Flash into Android, I will likely be
going over to one of these alternatives, or back to Nokia instead, and
I will not be the only one to do so. Maemo has seen some wonderful
refinements since the time that this tablet was produced. It will be a
relief to have easy access to root on my mobile device again, after all
it is mine, not Google's device. It will be a relief to again make my
own decisions about what software is on my own portable device, without
some corporate-biased censor deciding for me.


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