Sunday, May 9, 2010

Michael L. Love: ZooLoo Graffiti, a favorite social networking tool, multibanding

If you are are looking for a novel social networking experience, you should try ZooLoo.  Their Graffiti mini-blog format is unusual and striking in its presentation, but under the hood, it is a full-fledged blogging and status system and more.  An advanced array of submission and posting tools is easily accessible from the web interface or bookmarklet, which is free software friendly local javascript.  These are very useful creativity tools.

The utility of the ZooLoo site does not end there, and in your ZooLoo home you will find a marvellous web interface for monitoring and posting to some of your favorite social networks, such as Twitter.  ZooLoo is in the emerging spectrum of social networking tools which enable you to update several networks at once.  This reduces considerably the work that is required to keep all of your friends and associates informed on various networks.  I call this multiband social networking.  When the Twitter web site is down, the Twitter network is still typically accessible via the ZooLoo monitoring and posting toolset.  This is multiband social networking for everyman (or woman).

ZooLoo includes some inline advertising, but for those that are able to buy an upgrade, the ads are removed, and the multiband novice will have access to a full-fledged domain management tool.  Recently, I put in a service request to ZooLoo, and the problem was addressed with impressive speed by their friendly Geek 911 squad. 

ZooLoo is a full fledged social networking tool in its own right, and it is one of the few of the lesser known social network sites where I have made new connections.  I have noticed a few inconsistencies in the ZooLoo interface with respect to browser version, but if it works for you then it may be just what you are looking for.  The ZooLoo techs seem eager to address such problems.  Other services which are addressable by ZooLoo include, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, and flickr. 

Other services which provide comparable multiband social networking services include, Hellotxt,, and Posterous Blogs, and articles about these services may follow.  For more advanced users these services may provide post-by-email, and by SMS texting, in addition to the web interface.  Like the other services, ZooLoo is advancing meta-data analyis to present striking summaries.  Meta-data handling makes it easier for users to update all of their social networks no matter where they are, so that you don't need a video camera to break news anymore, and anybody with a cell phone can do it.  The video, text, and images are handled appropriately according to the context.  The era of multiband social networking is here, and it is still evolving.  Moreover, it is clear that social networking is only beginning to make its mark on society.  It is a terrific democratizing tool, and this is an exciting time to be alive. 

If you are a novice to all of this, and are adept at using the web, you might want to start with ZooLoo.  For more advanced users, there are other services that may be more powerful.  If the ZooLoo team is listening, perhaps they should consider the addition of some of these more powerful features and the addition of a wider range of networks to their multiband auto-update service.  My impression is that they will be more than willing to make such arrangements for paying customers, so that naive users can take advantage of their expertise.  Anyway, this suggestion goes for all of the multiband services really.  They all have much to learn from eachother.  Services which are not multibanding may get left behind as a new wave of social networking washes right over them.


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