Friday, May 21, 2010

Michael L. Love: Seafood notes

I grabbed the following information from my Amazon Seafood Wishlist, because I thought that it deserved more visibiltiy.

The healthful benefits of seafood are widely noted.  I am searching for seafood which is low in mercury, high in DHA, and high in astaxanthin, and found that red salmon fills the bill.

DHA is one of the beneficial unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, which is already widely known for its healthful benefits, and sure to be rising in prominence as well.  Caviar is probably one of the best sources of DHA, far and away, and the red variety is also likely rich in astaxanthin, while the black variety is rich in melanin compounds, which are also likely to be healthful.  One must be wary however of the food colorings that are used to produce the color in less expensive caviar.  Due caution, and more information is needed.  I have written an Amazon Guide about this.  I am looking for inexpensive caviar that is also low in food coloring.  See the wishlist for some examples.  There are additional notes about some of the inexpensive caviars in the images section.  I am projecting that the simple unprocessed salmon roe will be the best.  

Astaxanthin is a carotene-like nutrient that is only available from red fish and certain shell fishes, such as shrimp.  I have been told that shrimp are fed to fish in order to deepen their beneficial redness.

Sodium salt is a problem with seafood, but the benefits probably outweigh this problem, especially if you eliminate salt from other parts of your diet.  Sodium is a particular problem for caviar, and it is probably unwise to eat unrinsed caviar.  Better than rinsing, desalt the caviar.  The eggs desalt rapidly because of their small size, and it improves the taste considerably.  Don't use too much water though, because it will leach out the DHA.  Just add enough water to cover over the eggs, stir gently to break up the clumps, let stand for a few minutes, then drain and rinse.  Enjoy your caviar and salmon!

One more thing for Weight Loss Vitacosters, I have found that substituting red salmon and citrus fruits for calorie dense foods has reduced my hunger pangs considerably.  Clearly, the salmon can be expected to be very satisfying.  I have lost several pounds as a result of this change.  I restrict the salmon to a heaping tablespoonful per meal, twice per day, which still provides a substantial amount of the mentioned nutrients.


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