Friday, May 14, 2010

Michael L. Love: proclus realm, etc

I have been publishing on the web for quite a number of years.  Some of you might want to have a look at my home page, known as proclus realm.  It is derivative of a classic 1990's-era home page on, and I have left it there thinking that it might someday server a greater purpose.  It has really fulfilled that potential.  Two of my major on-line activities hatched first at proclus realm, The Radical Mormon, and The GNU-Darwin Distribution.

It should be noted that Tripod, has been under the Lycos umbrella for quite some years, and it is a powerful web hosting service.  It still has the classic charm, appeal, and features, but it has also been updated with a marvellous current toolset.  I actually like the current Tripod toolbar, which is a big improvement.  I believe that this is still a free web publishing venue as well, even after all these years, although there are some impressive paid features.  Tripod is still worth checking out, especially if you are new to web publishing, domain hosting, and such things.  It is delightfull when we when it is not required to cast aside the old in order to enter the new.  I am grateful that the old ways still work, and it has been one less worry for me.  My home page will be remaining at Tripod for the foreseeable.


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