Monday, May 17, 2010

Michael L. Love: not flying

NO exposure to X-rays is safe. My advice is to stop flying. The added benefit is no contribution to an immense pollution.  The news pages are littered with stories of activists that relied over-much on air travel, and they were taken into custody by hostile governments or had their passports revoked.  It is such a waste, especially when it is so much better to use the internet to spread ideas. 

Now our privacy is being aggregiously violated at the airports in obvious violation of both the spirit and letter of the Bill of Rights.  It is time to say enough and stop giving our money to this evil machine.  If you are with me, you will stop flying today.

How did we get into this awful situation?  It is by neglecting some obvious truths and warnings that we have been recieving for years.  Airplanes are such easy targets for those who have a complaint against the US government, and it is no surprise to see that they are a favorite point of attack.  Air travel is one of the worst sources of pollution that was ever invented.  We have known these facts for decades, but we have neglected them, so that today people are ready to paraded themselves through X-ray camaras in order to get on an airplane.  Clearly air travel has become a symbol of western excess.  How absurd it has become.

As for me, superman can keep his X-ray eyes far away.  He should not be surprised when someone attempts to pluck them out.


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