Monday, May 10, 2010

GNU-Darwin Action: multibanding now! (( tag: video, real, radio, watch, digital, media, station, network, social, information, technology, digital cameras, culture, president, corporate, pda, shock ))

It has been amusing to watch the office of the President and Georgetown University professors responding to the culture shock of multiband social media.  It is is no surprise that the elites would like to poo-poo what amounts to a portable radio and video transmitting station for everyman.  It is amusing to see them hypocritically deride the cell phone and pda as a distracting gadget.  It is no surprise that they feel threatened by a technology which literally gets information directly into the hands of ordinary people wherever they are, unfiltered by media gatekeepers.  We will see multiband social media and network technology give new meaning to the terms digital swarming, intelligent masses, and other democratizing phenomena as real people begin to document what is important to them, but not to the media, government, and corporate elites.  It will be satisfying to see real people keeping watch over their own interests, instead of the herd mentality that comes directly from the man, and which serves only his interests.  Hoorah for multibanding!


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