Sunday, May 23, 2010

The earth is bleeding out. HOWTO staunch the wound

How long until we realize that the spill is a global scale problem, that requires a global response?  How long until we realize that we need to stop what we are doing and address the problem now. 

Recommendations to the activist community:

Use them to spread the word, petition links, etc. I use ping, posterous, livejournal, and stumbleupon together. It works OK most times. is also sometimes useful ;-}.

This is a public health storm on the horizon.  Sign petitions and contact your congressmen to let them know that it is imperative to solve this problem and address the aftermath.  Here is an example.

Make creative tweets and blog articles.  Think of something that is important to you that will be affected by the spill.  It will affect everyone in some way.  Make tweets about it and write about it in your blog.  Give it your best.  Own your actions.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  Here are some of my tweets. 

Are seafood lovers angry at BP yet?
I am boycotting BP. 

What contaminant is in your fish oil?
I am boycotting BP.

BP PR would like us to think that it is happening far away, but it is a global scale spill.  It IS a global scale oil spill.  There is already enough oil to cover a continent.  The spill is near the equator. It is vastly huge.  It will be crossing the equator soon, if it hasn't already.  The sea currents will tend to push the oil south, far away from the US.  Where is the economic incentive for the US to address the spill?  Northern fisheries will do just fine.  There needs to be an international response, to a global scale problem.  Is the UN on this? Organization of American States? Address your concerns locally as well.

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