Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BP criminally negligant. CG Commandant complicit?

It takes over a month to figure out how to dump rocks and concrete into a hole?  The Coast Gaurd Commandant says that the federal government does not have the equipment or expertise?  He also says that he is satisfied with BP's response, but BP has been stowing oil from the hole on tankers over the course of the past month, even while the hole was leaking, even while coastlines were terribly polluted.  BP apparently thought that they had an economic advantage in neglecting the spill and recovering the oil.  BP clearly cares only about the oil, not about american coastlines. I am predicting that more and more evidence will accumulate to illustrate the point.  It is criminal negligence, and the Coast Gaurd Commandant is complicit in that negligence.  Is he in violation of the rules that he is charged with enforcing?  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, the situation well illustrates the craven greed of corporations, who would see many peoples lives irreparably damaged, and justify it in the name of corporate profit.  The behavior of the Commandant may illustrate another unfortunate truth as well.


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